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Property Ownership Secrets & Revolutionising Renting

Property Ownership Secrets & Revolutionising Renting

Unlocking the Secret to Property Ownership: How Over Half of All Gifted Money is Changing the UK Property Game!

Are you dreaming of owning a property in the UK? I’ve got news for you. The Institute of Fiscal Studies recently discovered that over £17 billion is being gifted or informally loaned each year, with more than half of that amount being used for property purchases or improvements. While the cost of buying a property in the UK can be high, don’t let that stop you from pursuing your dream. There are options out there, and I can help you explore them.

Did you know that parents aged over 50 are the ones who are mostly sending money transfers to their children in their late 20s and early 30s? A recent study uncovered that the average gift for property purchase or improvement is now over £20,000. It appears that parents are becoming increasingly supportive as their children try to get a foothold in the property market.

Young adults typically leave home around the age of 25 to 27? And when it comes to buying their first property, they usually wait until around the age of 33. It makes sense – saving up for a deposit and other expenses takes time! In fact, over 22.4% of families in the UK have at least one adult child living with them. And this number is only going up!

Without financial assistance from family and friends, 70% of potential homebuyers in the UK would have to put off their property purchase plans for an average of 4 years. That’s according to a new study by Legal and General. It’s clear that having a helping hand from loved ones can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving your dream home.

In conclusion, many young adults in the UK rely on parents and family members to help them buy their first home. Without this financial support, lots of people may struggle to get onto the property ladder. Unfortunately, this trend is likely to keep going. That’s why it’s crucial for the government and financial institutions to do everything they can to make homes more affordable for young people. Helping everyone achieve the dream of owning their own home should be a top priority!

Revolutionising Renting: Build-to-Rent Homes Set to Transform the UK Rental Market!

Are you tired of dealing with unresponsive landlords and feeling like just another number in the rental market? Well, there’s good news on the horizon. A new type of rental home is popping up all over the UK that could transform your renting experience for the better!

I’m talking about Build-to-Rent homes, purpose-built rental units that are professionally managed by dedicated operators who have adopted the customer service values of the hospitality sector. These homes offer a unique and refreshing approach to renting, providing high-quality living environments that foster communities where residents choose to stay longer.

Currently, Build-to-Rent homes make up just 2% of the UK’s private rental stock, with around 82,500 homes out of a total of almost 5 million. However, this percentage is set to increase dramatically, potentially reaching 5% or more in the near future. In London, Build-to-Rent homes already make up 4% of the rental market, and with more homes in the planning pipeline, this could increase to 10%.

So, what makes these homes so special? First and foremost, they’re designed with renters in mind. Everything from the layout to the amenities is tailored to create a comfortable and convenient living experience. Plus, with professional management, you can expect a higher level of customer service and responsiveness than you might find with an individual landlord.

Overall, the rise of Build-to-Rent homes is an exciting development for renters in the UK. With more options for high-quality, community-minded living, you may just find that renting is no longer a stop-gap measure, but a viable long-term housing solution. So keep your eyes peeled for Build-to-Rent options in your area – you might just be surprised at what you find!